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The Benefits of Gluten Free Food

You've no doubt heard about the benefits of going gluten free. Gluten free food isn't just for people with celiac disease. Numerous studies have shown that substituting foods like healthy crackers in place of foods like wheat and pasta can improve overall health and wellness. Foods high in gluten tend to also be high in calories. That's not inherently bad, but many of those calories come from unhealthy oils and sugars. Gluten-based products also tend to sit on store shelves for long periods of time, requiring them to contain artificial preservatives. Recent studies have also revealed that gluten binds to many essential nutrients, preventing the body from absorbing them.

Chilly Date Love Spreads offers a diverse selection of gluten free food options. Made from locally grown UAE dates, our date spreads and date coffee will kick start your day without the side effects of gluten. Say goodbye to sluggishness, crashing, and other unwanted side effects. By replacing fatty, sugary foods with our products made from organic foods, you'll notice a transformation in the way you look and feel. The fiber in our healthy crackers promotes digestive health and keeps you feeling fuller longer. Wholesome ingredients like flaxseeds, spinach, beetroot, and sesame seeds give you a burst of essential nutrients like omega-3 fats, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc. Naturally delicious and nutritious, our foods contain zero preservatives or added sweeteners. Make a positive change today. Visit our online shop to order now!