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The Healthiest Vegan Food Options

Looking for tasty vegan food options the whole family will love? Chilly Date Love Spreads offers a wide variety of date spreads, seed crackers, and date coffee for your tasting pleasure. We know how tough it is to eat healthy. So many foods are packed with added sugar, preservatives, and artificial additives. There's no way to check the freshness of the ingredients or where they came from. That's not the case with our foods. We make all of our products using locally grown dates. We roast, mash, and grind farm fresh dates to make the amazing products featured on our online shop. That way, we're able to capture the peak of flavor and nutrition. Our snacks are great for kids and adults alike. Explore our full range of vegan food options today!

Vegan food has many benefits over a standard omnivore diet. Meat and other animal-based products are high in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, and often added hormones. A diet high in animal products can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation, chronic pain, skin issues, weight gain, and trouble sleeping. Commercial livestock are also often subject to awful living conditions. There's a better way to eat. From our date spreads to our healthy bread options, we offer cruelty-free foods made with care. Try our date coffee with a plate of pumpkin seed and beetroot crackers. Or lather our 100% natural date spread atop a slice of whole grain bread. Our date spreads pair well with just about any vegan food selection. Kids love them. Adults love them. You'll love them, too. Visit our online shop to place your order!