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About Us

Chilly Date Foods was created with our very first Mint & Date Chutney. It was such a simple and powerful blend of spices, chilies, dates and herbs.

Ever since our first innovation, we have evolved into several product categories including our famous Guilt-free Seed Crackers, Fresh Bakes, and the award winning Zero Café. These other categories have nothing to do chilies, but they carry the same brand essence of:

Healthy + Tasty + Affordable + Easy

Till date, we have maintained the most healthy processes to retain the maximum nutrition in our products. So much so, that we still do not use a gas burner in our production kitchen.

All we do is Bake or Blend.

All our products are:

Gluten-Free + Vegan + Nut-free + Artificial Sugar-free

There is no secret ingredient in what we make. And if there is any, then it is simplicity and honesty.