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Basil Chutney Box

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Dhs. 356.54 Dhs. 396.16
Box of 16 - 130g Jars

This exciting Chutney will leave you licking your finger and craving for more! It is made from fresh sweet basil -plucked straight from local farms, spiced with black pepper and sweetened with fresh local dates.

A Must-Buy for all Basil Fans.

This spread is a superb salad dressing or as a sauce in pasta!

Fresh Dates (60%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (26%), Lemon juice (6%), Fresh Basil (4.5%), Black Pepper (1%), Soy sauce* (1%) (Gluten-Free, made from Soybean Extracts) and Himalayan Salt (1%)

SHELF LIFE: 9 months