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Seed & Spinach Crackers
Seed & Spinach Crackers
Seed & Spinach Crackers
Seed & Spinach Crackers

Seed & Spinach Crackers

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Our best sellers - Seeds and Spinach crackers are a healthy, mouthwatering blend of fresh Spinach - sourced straight from Al Ain farms, Sesame seeds and Sunflower Seeds with a subtle kick of wasabi. A must-try for all age groups!

Spinach, (40%), Sunflower seeds (13%), Sesame seeds* (5%), Wasabi paste (1%), Black Pepper (0.4%), Psyllium Husk (2%), Himalayan Salt (0.4%) and Bottled Water

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: 50gms of this product

Calories 290.5 kcal
Fat 23.5g
Carbohydrates 11.7g
Sugar 0.5g
Fibre 2.4g
Protein 8.1g
Sodium 0.6g

SHELF LIFE: 6 months
Chilly Date Seed Crackers are a great healthy snack that can be had anywhere, at any time and by anyone. It is suitable for all age groups. They make a great lunch box snack as all are made in Nuts Free Environment. They can also be used as croutons with salads and soups and also taste yummy with spreads, Labneh or Cream Cheese.

  • For allergens, see ingredients in bold*
  • Both our recipe and factory are Gluten-free, Nuts-free, Vegan and free of artificial Sugar.
  • We cannot guarantee that our ingredients are Nuts-free.
  • Not suitable if you react to Prebiotic - Psyllium Husk.

Certified HACCP and AOECS Certified Gluten-Free Factory
Weight Per Packet: 75gms
Weight Per Carton of 20 Crackers: 2.5kgs

It is best to order a carton of 20 Packets.
In the best interest of our customers, we can do assorted-flavour box/s of crackers.