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Sun-dried Tomato Date Spread
Sun-dried Tomato Date Spread
Sun-dried Tomato Date Spread
Sun-dried Tomato Date Spread

Sun-dried Tomato Date Spread

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Sun-dried Tomato Date Spread is a fresh blend of tangy flavours from our home-made sun-dried tomatoes and asian curry leaves and green chillies. It goes well raw on your roasted chicken or even tastes superb when used to marinate your chicken with yoghurt. 

"Winner of the Future Food Zone in Gulfood 2020"

Dates (36%), Sundried tomato (7%), Curry leaves (0.5%), Green chillies (0.6%), Oregano (0.1%), Lemon juice (4.5%), extra virgin olive oil (18%) and Himalayan salt (0.7%)

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: 50gms of this product

Calories 346 kcal
Fat 3.58g
Carbohydrates 77.3g
Sugar 68g
Fibre 0.46g
Protein 1.09g
Sodium 0.4g

SHELF LIFE: 9 months

Chilly Date Spreads can be used as is - RAW, Or can be used to Marinate your meat, fish or poultry, Or can be whisked into a salad dressing with just a dash of lemon and extra virgin olive oil, OR can be used as a sauce to stir fry your veggies.

  • For allergens, see ingredients in bold*
  • Both our recipe and factory are Gluten-free, Nuts-free, Vegan and free of artificial Sugar
  • This Spread is made from fresh ingredients with no added preservatives

Certified HACCP and AOECS Certified Gluten-Free Factory

Gross Weight Per 130gms Jar: 175gms
Gross Weight Per 70gms Jar: 90gms

  • It is best to order an assortment of Chilly Date products for better shipping rates.
  • In the best interest of our customers, we can do assorted-flavour/product box/s across spreads, crackers and Zerocafé